Empathy +Humanity….(lets chat 2.)

I recently sat down with a friend from home and had a long conversation about humanity.

When I learned my friend JJ was going to be in New York after his studying abroad in London, I immediately wanted to make plans with him. Initially I wanted to talk about studying abroad and how it affected him. Somewhere throughout the conversation, we began to talk politics.

I tend to stray from politics because it’s tiring to talk to someone about issues when they seem to have no hope and no idea for solution. My mind completely changed yesterday.

It’s amazing how a simple conversation can completely open your mind to new ideas and restore faith in people.

All of what JJ said resonated with me, but when he said,“if we lose empathy, we lose humanity”, that got me thinking about empathy as a whole.

We as a society have lost the necessity of empathy because other things, like money, fame, popularity, etc, have been deemed more important.

But what could possibly be more important than understanding the emotions of another. See without empathy we are not people, we are robots. 

Nature gives us the ability to connect someone else’s emotions with our own to create an understanding of feelings. To lose that would be to sacrifice our human nature for selfishness.

Throughout the conversation we discussed many different things, from the recent president elect, to ways to be proactive instead of defeated throughout this time. He also pointed out that, “you have to listen to everyone’s voice, even if you don’t like that voice.” Which is something I feel like a lot of people forget. Even if someone has a different opinion than you, take time to listen, just like you would want them to do for you. Because this is the way we form our ideals, this is the way we learn, this is the way we grow.

(pictures below of JJ, all photos taken by me)



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