love letters 2: Abby

I have turned writing love letters into a therapeutic way of coming to some sort of terms with different situations, or inviting new things or people into my life. That is what this series is about.

The following letter was written by my friend, Abby Strangward, from Australia (photos also hers)

Love Letter to 2017

Twenty Seventeen,

You’re something new. Something I’m not quite sure of yet – something unfamiliar. Like dipping toes in the ocean, I’m stumbling through your beginning, messing up and dabbling with equally new things. You’ve barely begun, and I’m already fighting hard not to slip into my 2016 mindset.

2017-01-17 07.10.25 2.jpg

2017-01-17 07.10.23 2.jpg

I have goals for you. You’re inspiring me to set new bars for myself, for what I want to accomplish, for where I want to go. I have hope for you. You’re teaching me to let go of old failings, to pick myself up and look ahead, to heal.

I’m only just figuring out that you’re not really anything yet. You’re an opening book cover, the first credits of a movie, the breath before you dive underwater. You are yet to be defined, yet to be discovered, yet to be made into something. Mostly, I’m struggling with this. You’re not something lying in wait. You’re not a path already set, waiting to be wandered down – you barely exist. I have to make you into something.

2017-01-17 07.04.01 1.jpg

So here it is. A love letter to you, twenty seventeen, a stranger I hardly know. We have another 300 or so days together. We have foggy mornings and dizzy nights ahead. A whole bunch of firsts, new people to meet, indescribable moments to experience. There’s an entire world I haven’t seen, and you’re an entire year I’m yet to know. Combined, this is going to be something amazing.

I’m sending all my love to you. With every fibre of my being, I’m sending positive energy. I’m promising to laugh, be gracious, give back, breathe, and take care of myself. And I know, you’ll take care of me.

2017-01-17 07.10.30 1.jpg

Here’s to us, 365 days, and an uncountable number of possibilities.



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my heart and soul,




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