Why March?

The Women’s March was a little over a week ago, while I marched for my own reasons, I wanted to know why others did. I decided to have a few friends send me their thoughts along with some pictures.


“I originally decided to attend the Women’s march in Washington because I was not sure how to cope with the results of the most recent election. For a long time, I tried crying, ignoring the issue, and even sitting on the steps of Columbia University with a sign preaching the importance of love. hayden 1.png

For me, the women’s march served as an opportunity to change all of my emotions into actions. I learned the hard way that the decisions we make strongly impact those around us and the rights of others are more important than our personal comfort. I have never experienced anything in my life as exhilarating and empowering as the women’s march and no matter what happens for anyone in this country during this presidency, we can know that we’re not alone.”hayden 2.png


beau 1.png

“I marched because I think it’s about standing up for what you believe in, and I believe in equal rights, equal pay, and equal respect for women, those of color, the impoverished, those in the LGBTQ community, and others.”

beau 2.png


“I marched because I I was raised to believe that love, kindness, compassion, and integrity were of the upmost importance and he (trump) goes against all of that… so I marched to show people they are loved, not alone, and that I, like millions of others are there for them. I marched because I love my friends of color and those of different sexual orientation. I marched because I believe every woman should have the say over her body. I marched for the underprivileged children I tutor every week. I marched because I believed in my future and the future of those that I love. ellie 3.png

ellie 1.PNG

At the march I felt safe, excited, and proud, but most importantly I was happy because I knew that by marching that day, I was a part of something greater than myself.”

ellie 2.png

Thank you to everyone who contributed!

Our fight never ends everyone. Love will come out on top. Thank you for reading.

Stay safe, stay proud, no fear.

endless love,



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