I started my spring break with some friends at a quirky, beautiful little place on St.Pete Beach. If you haven’t heard of the PostCard Inn, and you’re planning a trip to St.Pete, FL, I suggest you check it out. I wrote in a journal the entire time I was there, enjoy.

(all except from my journal, photos mine)

*Post Beach*

“As we walked back from the beach, we found a vase of flowers abandoned, we decided they would look better in our room than in the trash. Rob  grabbed them as we all admired the array of colors.

We sat in the hotel room on the couch next to the surfboard displayed on the wall, laughing, playing cards, we had Mac Miller as background noise. As 10pm approached, we all decided to take a walk on the beach.

Forgetting most of our towels, we huddled on to one. It was dark and windy. As smoke drifted from our lips we stared at the stars, looking for constellations. “Perfect/Fucking Young”, by Tyler,The Creator, played in the background and I don’t think I could have been happier.

When it finally got too cold, we ran through the sand back to the room. We played a few more card games, hopped in the bath, then talked for hours.

Piper and I read to each other, then all of us proceeded to talk about life, dreams, boys. We laughed until the early hours of the morning.”

My heart is full, I feel lucky.



my heart n soul,



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