Today for you I present a post dedicated to the earth, mother nature, our planet.


I know how guilty I’m sure all of us are of forgetting to recycle or littering or ubering somewhere when we could walk or bike or take the subway (very guilty of that one). Every time you eat a hamburger, the amount of water that went towards that burger is something you forget about entirely.

I want to clarify, this post is NOT promoting an agenda like vegetarianism, veganism, getting rid of your car, and never forgetting to recycle. Those things are simply unrealistic for some people. It is simply here as a reminder to be mindful and protect our earth.


You may be thinking, “Well I’m one person, what difference can I make?” The answer is a huge one and that starts with getting educated. Below I have listed some of my favorite documentaries.

This is not my way of asking  you to make life altering decisions, I’m simply stating awareness is important. We should be able to see and understand what is going on in the world around us. After all, there is no Planet B.


thank you for reading!

all my love and sunshine,




This post is very self-explanatory.

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I know I constantly say it, but music and photos are what truly inspire me to create my own art. I believe these mediums can help anyone create something beautiful or inspire them to do something amazing. I really hope you enjoy what I’ve put together.

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my heart n souuuuuul,



Recently, I’ve been pretty stuck. I have all these ideas, but no way to put them into words. So I took a break. A break from stressing about all of things I can’t do and focusing on the things I can. I’ve been doing lots of photoshoots and putting lots of things together that I can’t wait to show you. For now I will leave you with some recent journals about how I’ve really been feeling. thank you for bearing with me during this time of confusion.

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3.25.17, Why Comparison is Killing Me

I can’t continue to sit and compare my growth to those of others. Social media makes it that much harder to remember that we are all on individual paths. There is no one way for things to be done.

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Today I’ve cried twice. I’ve felt inadequate in all my creative outlets. Isn’t that insane? It’s my art and I feel inadequate?

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There needs to be a change in this cycle. But then I think about how does one define where they should be on this elevator of life? I’m 18 and I’m scared I’ll never make something of myself. Comparison is hindering my progress. ”

4.9.17, The Universe’s Plan?

I’m just unsure of everything. I wish I had more of a concrete idea and understanding of what I was put in this universe to do. Why am I here? Why now? Why my situation, surrounded by these specific people? I don’t know if I’ll ever get answers. I’m not even sure I’m supposed to.

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But I guess the world is a mystery.

My plan is a mystery.”

thank you for reading my thoughts.

my heart and soul,