A short story about initial observations.


(preview from next months mag!)

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photo mine!

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I currently have 63$ in my bank account. Well, had, because naturally when I saw the number I walked over to strand bookstore and proceeded to purchase a 55$ book of photos by my favorite photographer at the moment, Ryan Mcginley. Now, you may call this poor impulse control, I call it a necessity for inspiration…and poor impulse control.


I got on the L train from Union square, luckily it was a pretty empty subway car so I found myself a seat, pulled out a disposable and took pictures when we emerged above ground. I rode the train all the way to halsey street and decided to walk around bedstuy, disposable in hand, headphones in ears.



I walked around the rows of townhouses, through clusters of cafes and vintage stores, around a park and a garden. I stopped for something to eat, but realized I only had 2 dollars in cash, so black coffee had to suffice. I sat and pulled out my copy of “the kids were alright” and studied the arrays of polaroids and film photos. It reminded me of the reason I started taking photos to begin with, to capture a raw image of what youth is, of what time is like now, for myself and those around me.

Sometimes I need days like this. I think everyone needs days like this. To re-inspire them, to remind them of why they love something and where their passion resides.


my heart n soul,